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Expecting a new member of the family baby can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience.

The newborns can be stressful enough without having to worry about their preparation.

The expectant parents want to be prepared for the new arrival.



If you are a few months away from becoming a parent or a new parent, then by now, the reality must have hit you, Babies Are Expensive. Newborns are on the receiving end of new clothes and toys from their parents, extended family, and friends. But the expensive items can be a little out of reach. Thus a family may choose to purchase second-hand used things to save some money.

It’s completely okay to buy second-hand gear for your baby. It’s excellent for your budget and baby as long as it is up-to-date on safety rules and recalls. The thought may come to your mind that why not just skip the baby gear? But the thing is, it is NOT an option. It’s a necessity. Out of all the baby gear, baby strollers, baby buggies, or baby pushchairs may be the most expensive to buy.

When your baby starts sitting up confidently, you may want to switch your pushchair or pram for a buggy or stroller. Strollers or buggies can be one of the largest investments you make for your baby. Sadly, it’s hard to save money on them unless the manufacturer is holding a sale when you happen to be looking. The best way to save cash is to look for high-quality, used strollers or buggies.

Buggies and strollers are best for older babies who can easily sit up and control their head movements. The reason is that these kinds of transport systems tend to be more upright than pushchairs or prams and offer less support.



Some top 3 Favourite Strollers and Buggies Of Parents:

The number of options out there for strollers and buggies can be overwhelming, so we bring some of the three second-hand, cheap yet perfect quality Baby Buggies And Strollers to you!


  1. Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller


Best low cost baby Strollers Best low cost baby Strollers


Well, let’s start it off with our ol’ trustee pals, the Graco’s. Graco is a famous baby-selling gear company among budget-minded parents. Fun Fact! Graco is known for making the first-ever baby swings.

A Quick Preview:

Let’s just have a quick preview before we deep dive into it,

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to fold with self-stand capabilities
  • Nice-looking
  • The large air-filled rubber tires provide a smooth ride on any surface.
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Convertible 3- or 5-point harness keeps baby secure.
  • The front-wheel randomly locks.
  • It’s hard to run with as it doesn’t roll straight.

The Deep Dive:

While looking at the pros and cons, we came to know that if you’re a fan of jogging and jogging seven days a week, then this isn’t for you. But let’s not stop, stop here, maybe you’ll like it even with this significant con. So without further ado, let’s dive in, folks.

Easy to Set Up:

The stroller took just 6 minutes to get from the unscattered box to ready to roll. The instructions are self-explanatory, with everything in the illustrations. And the color coding makes it very easy to understand all the steps. It is intuitive and requires no tools.

Easy To Use:

Graco is straightforward to use with more specific features, unlike some of its competitors.

Easy Foldings and Unfoldings:

Folding it is just as easy as unfolding this. It has an easy one-hand fold with a kickstand for self-standing. But unfolding, it requires two hands to manage it with any grace.

Storing Capacity:

The Graco’s large bin has access from both the back and sides and can fit an extra-large diaper bag with a little bit of wiggling. This feature is the parents’ favorite! But the front child tray can be a bit disappointing for some parents as it has shallow and narrow cup holders.

The Shades:

Graco Jogger Stroller has an average sunshade covering your child’s head but doesn’t cover the knees. It has a peek-a-boo window, which is a source of ventilation. It has a sound ventilation system, but that means little wind protection.


It is challenging to maneuver, making it the main reason for a below-average result. The Graco stroller is hard to turn on the pavement, especially with just one hand. From pushing on the grass to off-road Terrain, this stroller is the hardest to turn and the heaviest to push.

The Quality:

Graco strollers are known for offering an average-quality product at a reasonable price.

The fabric of the stroller feels flimsy with a center stripe that is rough and likely to chafe bare skin. The frame is well-built, but the joints have some wiggle. The stroller rattles and flexes when you wrestle it to stay straight while running.

The Design:

The seat has thick paddings, but it seems like a failed attempt to make up for the hard, uncomfortable bottom center. Given the issues and a lack of suspension, the little ones may not like being in the Graco for long.

The handlebar has a rectangular profile, which is not ergonomic. The handle is flat and covered in all foam. Still, serious runners will find the design and height extra fatiguing as it doesn’t conform to a runner’s natural position. But the overall fit and finish of this stroller aren’t that bad. But the Graco FastAction Fold Jogging Stroller has a better look than most Graco strollers but with a more contemporary edge.


Graco is considered the most challenging option for running. Attempting to take this stroller for a run is a patience lesson and a strength training workout. This stroller doesn’t have tracking adjustment, so you are entirely at the mercy of whatever alignment it has standard.

You have to try multiple times to adjust the front wheel and ensure that it is assembled correctly. The stroller tracks relatively straight when walking, but as you pick up the pace, it pulls dramatically to the right. And once the pull starts, it requires all the strength to keep it on a course, and it is majorly fatiguing to wrestle. The product’s front wheel randomly locks itself without warning.

The Brakes:

The brakes of this Graco Stroller are double-action, which means it requires setting each side individually.

The Harness:

The shoulder straps seem too loose for smaller riders. And when buckling the shoulder straps, they continually slip off of the waist strap at the buckle. But it does come with an adjustable crotch strap, which is not found in its competition strollers.

User Impression:

After a complete analysis of 1,807 ratings for this product, the analysis indicates that around 61% of reviews were positive. In contrast, only 23% of studies had negative sentiment.

So this brings us to our question, What did you feel about this model? Did you like it? If yes, then click the link below to check the price on Amazon!


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  1. Gb Pockit + All Terrain:


Best low cost baby Strollers Best low cost baby Strollers Best low cost baby Strollers


If you want a stroller that guarantees to meet all the carry-on requirements for any airplane, then GB Pockit Plus All-Terrain is the one for you. Plus All Terrain is the most compact stroller in the world when folded. Even though it is close, it is suitable for a child from 6 months up.

A Quick Preview:

So as before, let’s dive into a quick preview of the pros and cons,

Pros & Cons

  • It may be used from day one, thanks to the possibility of attaching the baby car seat.
  • Easy to push with one hand
  • A bigger and improved seat that will accommodate a 5-year-old kid
  • Improved materials and soft padding of the seat.
  • Excellent maneuverability, perfect for narrow sidewalks or crowded malls.
  • Multi-recline provides much more comfort than the original Pockit’s
  • Super light, and easy to carry.
  • Fits the overhead compartment on a plane.
  • Excellent maneuverability, perfect for narrow sidewalks or crowded malls.
  • Extremely compact when folded
  • Small storage basket
  • Not adjustable handles
  • Small wheels

The Deep Dive:

The Pockit was indeed a lightweight stroller, very compact after folding, fitting the overhead, but the seat wasn’t comfortable. Plus All Terrain is appreciated by parents who often travel with their little ones. So now, without further ado,

Easy To Use:

The stroller’s pushing weight is spread evenly between the two handles on each side.

The lightweight design also allows you to push it with one hand quickly. Heavier strollers require full-force driving, especially over rough Terrain.

If you are carrying your handbag or take-out coffee, the stroller will work best for you in that regard as it can be easily pushed with one hand. Although bear in mind that the handlebar is not adjustable, it may not be as comfortable for taller parents.

Easy to Setup:

The Pockit comes assembled and only needs unfolding. It is the most comfortable stroller ever to have been put together with an “assemble” time of 1:45 minutes that consisted mainly of reading the instructions only.


The GB Pockit Plus has a new, upgraded seat than the previous GB Pockit Plus model, which is much more comfortable than before.

The Style:

If you have the option to choose a stylish yet cheap design, why not go for it? The Pockit+ is available in a variety of different colors.

The design is both contemporary and straightforward, allowing you to stroll in style with your little munchkin while ensuring they are safe.

Swivel Wheels:

The four front wheels house a swivel design. It makes sharp turns and long distances easy. If you live in a city, then you would need a responsive and easy-to-use stroller. The Plus Terrin ticks all those boxes.

The Quality:

The fabric has been upgraded to a softer and easy-to-clean neoprene design, which means that it won’t heat up in the sun or get too cold.

It is also made up of weatherproof material that will not fade. This maintains a newer and fresher look for your stroller.

The smooth fabric of the stroller allows easy cleaning, which is essential for toddlers who like to snack while they ride.

Storage Space:

Although it may not look like it while looking at Pockit+ stroller has just enough storage space. Under the toddler seat, there’s a handy basket. And you can easily access it from the front and the back, so now you’re not limited to grabbing things from one side. The basket has a stroller that can easily hold up to 11 pounds and is versatile enough to suit your needs. It can easily accommodate some items like a few diapers, snacks, and drinks, but not much more.


It has excellent maneuverability but keep in mind that this is not an all-terrain stroller. Neither is it suitable for off-road trips.


The harness can be easily adjusted just as your toddler grows to provide him with both safety and comfort. With this stroller, you won’t have to worry about the security of your baby. The stroller is more secure than a three-point safety harness. It distributes the forces on a baby’s body, should a collision occur.

The World’s Smallest Folding Stroller:

the GBPockit+ is truly unique and holds its own Guinness World Record (2014) as the world’s smallest folding stroller. It even fits inside your own backpack or handbag!! Not only does it fold so quickly and tightly, but it also has a self-standing design.

The stroller can comfortably fit inside your car, rather than being stuffed in the trunk and potentially damaged.


So here was the total review of Gb Pockit + All Terrain. Here are some of the stroller’s key features that would force you to consider buying this stroller,

  • The folding mechanism works more smoothly than other strollers. Whether you’re at the airport or the shopping mall and need to close the stroller quickly, you won’t have any problems with it.
  • The spring suspension front wheels make the ride more comfortable for the child.
  • It is small and is easy to navigate in tight places. Once folded – it takes up a little space.


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  1. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller:


Best low cost baby StrollersBest low cost baby Strollers  Best low cost baby Strollers


Parents prefer Joovy strollers because of it’s for overall convenience, lightweight, and compact size. It is an inline stroller with seat and capabilities and a rear seat with additional purchase. Joovy has earned an honorable mention for parents who need a lightweight yet cheap ride for two passengers of different ages.


A Quick Overview:

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller is a winner for family vacations and theme parks. Let’s take a quick preview now and look at its pros and cons,

Pros & Cons

  • It has parent storage for phones, keys, your water bottle, etc.
  • Affordable at $149.99
  • It has a car-seat adaptor, which has no additional cost to use for infants in their car seats.
  • Easy to close
  • Much lighter than other double-stroller options
  • The stroller is not capable of standing on its own, so once you close it, it will fall.
  • When the front seat has been occupied, the child in the back will not be able to sit down, only stand.

The Deep Dive:

Easy to Use:

The Joovy Caboose is just below average for ease of use. The caboose requires two hands to fold in three simple steps and has a manual lock.

Easy to Setup:

Caboose did not score in this department by having a setup time of over 14 minutes. However, the documentation is good and has useful illustrations. But the instructions could have been clearer, But the number of things you require to be able to put it together is the real problem here.

Storage Space:

You can easily access the storage with the sliding bench seat than some of the other sit-and-stand competitors that are almost close to impossible to access. The maximum weight the basket can hold is 5 lbs. The smaller access opening means that it will be hard to fit a diaper bag inside. It has 2 cup holder pockets and Velcro and zipper pockets for smaller items

Sunshade Protection:

The front canopy is large enough and covers most of the baby’s head and some parts of its body. The rear seat, although it doesn’t have a proper canopy instead it has a bit of fabric that stretches from the front seat to the frame and can zip, covering the baby from the front to the back without any side coverage.

The rear seat cover doesn’t work with the older child using the rear platform to stand on.

The Harness:

It has a 5-point harness for the front seat and a 3-point for the rear bench seat. Both are easy to get on but aren’t as easy to adjust as competitors. The straps also help connect the car seat, but this isn’t ideal as you won’t be able to change the straps with the car seat in place.


The front seat can smoothly recline with one hand and has three different positions. But it’s a little harder to use than it should be, and it can’t lay flat enough to be cozy. However, the rear seat does not recline at all. You also won’t be able to recline the front seat if the rear bench seat has a child in it.


For a Joovy product, it has scored pretty low. Still, it manages a higher score than the majority of other similar options. The stroller has a heavier canvas that feels resistant but isn’t very soft. The hemstitching falls right on the seat edge behind the knee of some toddlers. The material along the edges also feels like it can snag pretty easily. The seat only has average padding, which is used as a source of comfort.

The frame is utilitarian-looking without smooth and appealing lines, and the frame has an umbrella-style feel. The overall finish is on the dull side. The components and plastic wheels have a substandard feeling to them, and this impacts the overall design. The handlebar isn’t adjustable and is narrow and flat. It doesn’t feel that good in the hands and might cause significant fatigue on longer trips.

The Joovystroller has stiff front and rear shocks. The front seat is hard and has minimal padding. The back seat is just a hard bench having light padding and no seatback. So comfort for the passenger is even less than the front seat.


The stroller is narrow, which makes getting around in tight spaces easier. But its plastic wheels and dual front wheel design make pushing it more difficult than it should be. The stroller continues to struggle off-road and needs extra strength to move on the grass and stop dead on the gravel. It is probably best to keep it on hard and flat surfaces.


In short, it’s easy to steer as compared to Gb Pockit + All Terrain because of its lightweight. The large size of the canopy on the stroller and the ability to extend it quickly and efficiently is one of the parent’s favorites. The parent organizer is a great feature as well in that it gives you everything you could need in a stroller. This may very well be the stroller for you and your baby!



The Caboose is not the best choice if you have twins due to the inequality between the seats and the lack of car seat attachment for two. While it may be an excellent option for parents who have an active older child and a younger one, it accepts only one infant car seat, making it impossible to use it with two babies of the same age group. And even if you purchase it for the twins large enough to fit in both seats, they will likely have a conflict over who gets to stand and who gets to nap.

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Best Compact Baby Swing

Safety Precautions To Follow When Buying Secondhand Baby Buggies And Cheap Strollers

  1. Established Well-Known Dealers

When buying online, you cannot see the product. So make sure that whomever you are buying is reputable. Most reputable online retailers will have their addresses visible on their websites. But if you can’t see it, don’t assume that it’s not there but rather run a search on Google on the actual retailer. The search should turn up with feedback and reviews as well as their location.

And if you are interested in purchasing strollers or baby buggies from a private seller on a website like Amazon, check that the photos look authentic and are not taken from Google. You can also check their feedback and ratings so that you know they are reliable.

  1. Research The Make And The Model

Even trading standards and Amazon have a list of the ten most popular second-hand strollers and baby buggy models. The more popular the model is, the closer it will sell to its price when new.

Popular models are popular for a reason. Their spares and repairs will be easy to arrange. They are also usually robust and last longer.

  1. No Need To Break The Bank

Age is not at all a sign of quality. Some of the older strollers are sturdier than the new ones, and if they were well-maintained or lightly used, they could outlast any of the newer models. Don’t rule out a cheaper option if you’re planning to use it only once or twice. If you just need a stroller for quick airplane trips, then a $40 or $50 umbrella stroller will do the trick.

  1. Checking For Recalls

While we like to hope that our fellow parents wouldn’t try to sell something dangerous, you should still check and see if the stroller has been recalled. If the recall is for a minor issue like a replaceable part, then first confirm that the repair was made. But if it is a significant problem, then don’t make the purchase.

  1. Taking delivery

You should always check the item once it is delivered. If you wait several days and then make a damaged in transit claim, it won’t do you any good as you are less likely to be held responsible for damaging the item if you call a few hours after the delivery has taken place.

Be sure to check the whole pushchair. Assemble it and push it around a little to see how it feels. Examine the moving parts so that you are confident that it works as it should.

  1. Ask about The Return Policy

Ask about the seller’s return policy. Given that you can buy used through thrift stores, eBay, and even Amazon. You may be dealing with a seller who’ll offer returns if you are unhappy with the purchase or you have changed your mind.

This is less likely to go down if you’re buying from an individual, but it may be worth asking anyway.

  1. Take your time

Try not to test a stroller out when you’re in a hurry or when it is dark outside. You could easily miss something. If you or our baby are sensitive to soaps with scent or perfume and worried about causing a rash or allergies, then be sure to ask the seller what kind of products were used to clean the stroller. Pet smells, and smoke is harder to remove, and no amount of perfume will mask it

  1. Try to be flexible!

Remember, you may not get the exact model you want but remember to keep your options open. Maybe a mom in your community might have something that is closely related to what you want but at a higher price. But when you factor in travel time and gas, it will even out.


Try to go in person to check out the stroller and try to avoid sending someone else in your place unless you trust them to check everything thoroughly. When checking, remember to check the brakes. The brakes should stop BOTH rear wheels evenly. If it feels like there is a brake on the front wheels, it means that they are stiff and need to be cleaned out or replaced.

Remember to make sure that the stroller can easily fold without too much effort. Bear in mind that some models are just trickier in general. You may need to practice to get the hang of it. Some models need some work and oiling if they are too difficult to fold, and if you use too much force, the parts can break.

Check tires to make sure there are no flats. And if possible, test the stroller by putting some weight in it. You won’t get a real sense and idea of the push and feel without putting weight on it. But bear in mind that if you’re maxing out the weight limit, it will be harder to push.

Your baby’s safety comes first, and if you are unsure about something, contact the retailer.


Buying a buggy or a stroller is an investment in your child’s safety as well as the practical convenience it offers. So rather than buying the cheapest available second-hand stroller or buggy, look for a quality, robust make that, despite some previous use, is likely to last you a few years.

In the past five years, the second-hand market for baby gear has expanded to include all types of equipment from clothing, safety gates, toys, prams, and everything in between. Unlike car seats, a stroller never expires, which means that if you find one that has been lightly used only and is of high quality, then it can be counted as a substantial investment with only a little bit of maintenance. Some charities do not take strollers for liability reasons, which means that a lot of baby gear that has a lot of life left ends up in a landfill.

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