Compare the best baby carrier backpack for travel. We help you choose the best baby carrier

If there is one thing handy to have when you have a baby or toddler, it is the best baby carrier backup for travel!

As a newborn, it is suitable for the binding (later also, of course), and when your child is older, it is ideal to have your hands free. If you like to travel, then a baby carrier is a must because you don’t always feel like lugging a pram.

We can all agree that a baby carrier or sling is super valuable and handy. But which one do you choose? So much is possible. A baby carrier or sling? And which ones are ergonomic? From what age can you use which? What is the best baby carrier in 2023? Or is a sling more convenient? And do you wear it on your stomach, or instead on your hip? So many questions, and so many possibilities.

That is why you will find all the information you need in this overflowing voting guide. It focuses on what to look out for if you want to buy a baby carrier or baby carrier, as well as our picks of the best baby carriers and baby carriers of 2020 and 2021 per category. (I will also add some questioning keywords like the above are used)



Ergonomic & Safe – Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel 

All baby carriers and slings mentioned here are ergonomic and safe. So you can 100% assume that you have a suitable carrier when you buy one of these. The differences and nuances are in your specific wishes and situation. What did I pay attention to when choosing the best ergonomic carriers?

  • Your child can always sit in an ergonomic frog position/legs in the M position, i.e., the knees are slightly above the hips
  • your child may sit with a slightly arched back, a straight or even concave back due to a too-tight carrier is terribly for the development of the body
  • you can adjust the baby carrier to the height and weight of your child, for example by making the seat wider with the help of press studs. It guarantees an ergonomically responsible posture, even if your child grows a bit bigger and is no longer a newborn. Note, that many (cheap) baby carriers do not offer this option! This allows your child to sit ergonomically for the first few weeks with the legs in an M-position, but the legs will hang down as the child grows. It is very bad for the hips and can lead to hip dysplasia.

Good luck with choosing!


Compare Best Baby Carrier Backup for Travel:

1- Tula Explore baby carrier – best baby carrier for a newborn

Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

Known as:

  • 1 best baby carrier 2021 overall
  • best ergonomic baby carrier from birth

This baby carrier scores best on:-

Best price/quality Price is all-inclusive:

no extra accessories are needed, such as a baby insert. And you carry your child (s) for years to a heavy toddler in this high-quality baby carrier (does not lubber, and dust does not become ugly).

More options:

Carry on your stomach with your face forward, face towards you, and on your back. The height, width, and width are all perfectly adjustable for both the carrier and the baby.

Most beautiful design:

Different cool designs to choose from

Pros & Cons

  • Everything that the Tula Free to Grow baby carrier offers, but even more: like entirely safe and 100% ergonomic carrying your child with the face forward *
  • No infant insert or other accessories are required to carry your baby from birth to a large toddler
  • Also, a plus compared to the Free to Grow: a super handy neck pillow that you can fold up so that your baby’s neck is well protected and supported (when worn with the face towards you).
  • In even more ways than the Free to Grow, it is super easy and quick to adapt to you, and your baby, including the back panel can be made wider / narrower by buttons and straps
  • Cool new designs to choose from
  • Best price/quality ratio: without having to buy extras, your baby carrier can be used for years with many possibilities and options.
  • one of the more expensive baby carriers

* Only carry your child with the face forward for short periods, a maximum of 20 minutes at a time. Pay close attention to signs of fatigue and too many stimuli. In any case, only carry your child’s face forward when it is a bit older, can sit independently, and can keep its neck straight.

The most crucial extra option is the possibility to carry your child 100% ergonomically with the face forward. As a baby carrier brand, Tula has built up a huge name, and, for a good reason, because their baby carriers are of excellent quality and highly stable in value.

In the past, you could carry your baby’s face forward with most baby carriers. Later it became known that this is not an ergonomic posture. In addition, small children cannot protect themselves adequately in this way to become over-stimulated. But now, both Tula and Ergobaby have designed a baby carrier that allows you to carry your baby’s face forward in an ergonomic way.

With the Tula Explore as the best baby carrier backpack for travel, they have not taken anything away from its predecessor Free to Grow possibilities. This is striking because a new version of a product has extra features and options, but it lacks several functions from the previous model.

In the Tula Explore, you can still carry your baby without additional equipment such as an infant insert from birth until your child is a large toddler. The baby carrier has the sturdiness and cool prints that we are used to from Tula and can be adjusted in countless ways to suit your body and how you wear it and that of your child. There are also still extra thick and soft pieces of fabric in many places so that the wearer does not chafe in the back of your child’s knees, for example.

A new plus of the Explore carrier is the integrated cushion that you can fold up and secure so that your baby’s neck is well-supported.

With this topper among the baby carriers, you will find all possible options that a baby carrier can offer and invest in carrying your child (s) for years to come. Are you interested? Buy Now!

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2- ByKay Baby Carrier – BayKay Click Carrier

Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

Known as:

  • 02 best baby carrier

Pros & Cons

  • With this best baby carrier backpack for travel, you can carry your baby on your stomach, back, or hip
  • super good price/quality ratio: beautiful, sturdy fabrics, good fit but not one of the more expensive carriers
  • easy to put on and take off
  • made of beautiful supple materials and also relatively easy to fold into a narrow package, this is not a bulky baby carrier
  • the hip belt can be adjusted quite wide, so it fits everyone
  • very cool designs and beautiful fabrics, there is now even a velvet gold carrier! Artipoppe color and style but without the Artipoppe price
  • has a cap to protect against the sun or to seal your child from too many stimuli easily
  • this disadvantage can also be an advantage: for some, an advantage because it offers more strength, and for others, a disadvantage is the cross straps on the back that this baby carrier has. This is very personal whether you like it or not

Until recently, the ByKay carriers were not well known at all, and if you ask me, they were seriously undervalued. These super good and best baby carrier backpacks for travel are becoming more and more popular and completely understandable. You have different wearing options and can even hip wear with it. The ByKay baby carrier is easy to put on thanks to its handy click system. It has an adjustable body so that it is suitable for carrying a newborn baby and carrying an older child (up to 18 kilos). The fabrics are of good quality, nice and soft, and not stiff, but very firm. Putting on or taking off is not difficult, and the designs and colors (such as velvet and jeans) are super beautiful, and there are plenty of choices. All this for a low price, so the price/quality ratio is very good.


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3- Ergobaby Omni 360 baby carrier

Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

Known as:

  • 03 Best Baby Carrier 2021
  • Babyface forward

Pros & Cons

  • With this baby carrier, you carry your child in 4 Positions, including with the face forward and on your side/hip. Completely ergonomic (if you wear this way for a short period at a time)
  • It can be used from neonatal to toddler without an infant insert
  • perfectly adjustable straps and back so that your little one is always ergonomic and comfortable (hangs;))
  • the shoulder straps can be worn straight or crosswise on the back
  • with a UV-resistant cap to possibly put over your child’s head

    This beautiful baby carrier is super popular and for a good reason. With up to four carrying options, it offers something for everyone. If you do not intend to take your child for longer than a year or two and you are looking for many options concerning carrying positions, then this baby carrier is something for you!

    This best baby carrier backpack for travel is ideal for transporting your child, especially if you carry a lot and like the different carrying options such as on the hip or face forward. The main differences with the Tula Explore are the UV-resistant cap, the shoulder straps that can also be crossed, and the appearance! What suits you best depends on your specific situation. The fact is that with both a Tula Explore and Ergobaby Omni 360, you cannot go wrong anyway!


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    4- Boba X carrier baby carrier

    Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

    Known as:

    • 4 best baby carriers 2021: baby to toddler

    Pros & Cons

    • use the same baby carrier from baby to toddler
    • carries your baby without an infant insert, so this baby carrier is not only beneficial for a long time; you don’t have to buy any extras
    • fully customizable; for both the carrier/parent and your child
    • fun and cheerful designs

      This baby carrier is, just like the Tula Free to Grow, perfect for those who want a super suitable baby carrier for his or her newborn baby. This baby carrier can be used immediately after birth without a special infant insert. And not only that: it ‘grows’ with your child until it is a fun toddler of two years old! All this without having to buy extras. Therefore, you are assured of a suitable baby carrier that is sturdy and that you can adjust in size and size to your wishes and those of your child so that your baby or toddler is always comfortable in the Boba baby carrier.

      Tula FTG or Boba X: the differences

      The Boba X carrier baby carrier is very similar to the Tula Free to Grow (or the other way around ). Both baby carriers are about the same price and can be used for the same length of time. They carry your child from baby to toddler without extras such as a baby insert. The differences between the two carriers are in small things. But what are those (minor) differences? Here’s what makes the Boba X different from the Tula Free to Grow:

      • the price: okay, some Boba X baby carriers are a fraction cheaper than the Tula FTG (but more expensive than the Boba 4G baby carrier)
      • the crossable shoulder straps
      • a shoulder strap to keep your bag in place


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      5- Tula Free to Grow baby carrier

      Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

      Known as:

      • 5 best baby carriers – newborn
      • Best baby carrier (voted best baby carrier 2019)

      Pros & Cons

      • With this best baby carrier backpack for travel, you can carry your child for a long time: from small baby to large toddler: and on your stomach and back, so you are ready for a long time with one baby carrier.
      • Super reasonable price/quality ratio, not as expensive as the newer versions of Tula and Ergobaby, and if you do not necessarily have to carry your child with the face forward, then you are in the right place with this carrier
      • Even for carrying your newborn baby, no extra insert or other accessories are required. No extras that have to be bought separately
      • Fully adjustable for yourself and your child: the seat can be narrower/more expansive, and the height can be higher / lower. It gives you a lot of comfort[button link="" type="big" color="lightblue"] Check on Amazon[/button] .
      • Many different designs

        The spicy baby time at times becomes a lot less spicy with a baby carrier or sling! No period is more suitable for carrying your child than when he or she is a baby. Your baby has a great need to be with you and to feel you (skin hunger), but you also need to have your hands free now and then. Putting your baby in a baby carrier or sling a lot is perfect for optimal binding, and you feel free while you sniff that wonderful baby scent. Win-win! I was even able to stand extensively in the kitchen regularly, thanks to my baby carrier.

        When buying a newborn baby carrier, keep in mind that your baby cannot support its head/neck properly yet. The baby carrier has to do this for him. So make sure that your baby carrier offers enough strength around the neck and head of your baby.

        Whatever you are looking for in a baby carrier, Tula has it. This baby carrier was our choice for the best baby carrier (newborn baby) in 2023.

        I am very enthusiastic about this best baby carrier backpack for travel, and I hear only positive stories from others!


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        6- Tula Toddler baby carrier (toddlers)

        Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

        Known as:

        • 06 baby carrier – toddler

        Pros & Cons

        • distributes the weight of your toddler in a very comfortable way; you hardly feel the weight
        • easy to put on and take off
        • shoulder straps and hip belts are easily and quickly adjusted and can be made tighter / looser, so you can easily alternate wearing them with your partner
        • The baby carrier is made of twill cotton or twill cotton. It provides a lot of strength and is breathable at the same time. So also for hot days.
        • offers the same comfort of carrying as the Tula Free to Grow but for your bigger little one

          Toddlers need different things than babies when it comes to moving. Of course, they are heavier and more mobile and want more freedom and vision than babies. It is vital to focus when buying a toddler carrier. The proper distribution of your toddler’s weight will also become more critical as your toddler or toddler gets older and, therefore, heavier.

          The best toddler carrier is a toddler back carrier, a carrier you carry your child on your back. In this way, you can take the weight better yourself while you have your hands completely free. And your toddler has more freedom of movement on your back than on the stomach and, above all, a lot of view of everything that is happening around him.

          The Tula Toddler is a beautiful and super handy baby carrier backpack for travel when your child is slightly bigger and heavier. The baby carrier supports children up to 27 kilos (and from 11 kilos, so about 18 months). In comparison, the Tula Free to Grow carries up to 20 kilos. So even more room to grow in this Tula toddler carrier!

          Your toddler’s legs are optimally supported in the Tula Toddler, and the straps are extra soft so that they do not cut into the knees. In addition, you can easily carry your child on the stomach, and even that is comfortable, also for the carrier himself, despite the greater weight of your child. Very nice if you want to rock your toddler to sleep while walking and then sit down again. Ideal in an airplane, for example!


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          7- Stokke baby carrier – Stokke MyCarrier

          Best Baby Carrier Backpack for TravelBest Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

          Known as:

          • 7 best carrier baby

          Pros & Cons

          • You carry your child in three ways: facing you on the stomach, facing forward on the stomach, and your back
          • suitable from about four weeks old up to 3 years old so ideal if you think you want to carry your child for a long time
          • made of pleasant-feeling eco-cotton
          • quite ‘boring’ in terms of appearance, but this is perhaps a plus for some because it is nice and quiet and fits with everything

          Stokke is, of course, a leading brand when it comes to beautiful, practical baby items of quality. The Stokke baby carrier is also helpful and of good quality. There is very little to criticize, and it does what it should do. A while ago, the question arose quite often on the internet ‘Is the Stokke baby carrier ergonomic?’. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has approved the Stokke carrier. With this best baby carrier backpack for travel, you have an excellent ergonomic baby carrier with which you can also carry your child face forward (* only from about four months old and never too long Always pay attention to the signals of your baby).


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          8- BabyBjorn baby carrier One

          Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel Best Baby Carrier Backpack for Travel

          Known as:

          • 8 Best Baby Carriers 2021

          Pros & Cons

          • from birth to about three years old
          • You can also carry your child face forward, in addition to having it belly to belly and on its back
          • The arms and legs are free to move, suitable for motor development
          • The hip belt reduces the pressure
          • also available in this beautiful terracotta / old pink color
          • a sun visor/cap is not included; you can buy it separately


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          Best Inexpensive Infant Car Seats



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          Are there cheap ergonomic baby carriers?

          In recent months, an influx of budget-friendly baby carrier backpacks tailored for travel has flooded the market, primarily from new, unfamiliar brands. Their origins and approval status from the International Institute of Hip Dysplasia remain unclear. As noted earlier, specific conditions govern the ergonomic suitability of a baby carrier for your child’s comfort. This is a crucial consideration, as trustworthiness often aligns with a higher price in the realm of baby carriers. If you encounter a baby carrier priced under $50, it’s likely non-ergonomic, lacking sufficient adjustability for your baby’s height and weight, potentially limiting the seating area as your baby’s legs lengthen.

          Highlighted below are several baby carriers. Should you choose to invest in one, scrutinize how your child sits within it. Can you adapt the carrier for their growth? Does it provide ample support for their legs up to the knees? Can your child assume a slightly curved posture while remaining at ‘kiss height’ for you? These are vital considerations during the trial of these carriers. Additionally, the specified age range for wear may extend up to two years, but it may only be suitable for up to three months due to inadequate support for your baby’s growing legs and back.


          A baby carrier or pram/buggy?

          For starters, both a baby carrier and a pram are indispensable in different situations when you have a baby. So the best option is really to have them both! However, if you had to choose, I would go for the baby carrier. Especially when you are traveling, a baby carrier is often much more convenient than a pram,  but also in ‘daily life’ you can go in any direction with a baby carrier, and you have your hands free.

          How to pick the best baby carrier backpack for travel?

          There is a lot to consider when choosing the best baby carrier backpack for travel. After all, you need to be sure that you make the best choice. This means, among other things, that you can carry your child ergonomically and safely, but also that the carrier can easily be put on and taken off. If not, chances are you will hardly use the carrier. To help you on the way, here are the most important things you should pay attention to when choosing a baby carrier and tips on which one suits your situation.


          The most important thing when carrying your child is safety. You want your child close to you and your hands accessible, without you having to worry that his head will not be protected or that he will slip out of the baby carrier. With all the baby carriers recommended here, you can be sure that you are in the right place for ergonomic carrying and safety, but there are still things to keep in mind.

          Always ensure that you carry your child according to the recommendations and guidelines of that specific carrier. You will often find these included in the packaging.

          You must pay close attention to the indicated maximum and minimum weight that your carrier can hold. Do you like to carry your baby, or a child of, for example, 14 months? Is this possible with the same carrier? Do you need extra accessories to make the carrier smaller for your baby?

          When carrying on your stomach, make sure that your baby’s head is at the height where you can kiss his head. Wearing it both higher and lower is dangerous; it can get too warm, or his neck is less protected.

          Ergonomic wearing: comfort for your child

          After safety, the most important thing is that your child likes it in the carrier. If not, you will probably rarely use the carrier. What should you pay attention to when your child is in the carrier?

          The legs must be in the so-called M position. It means that the knees are higher than the buttocks, and the fabric supports the back of the knee.

          In addition, the wearer must allow the natural curvature of the spine. The baby carrier should, therefore, not be too stiff.

          The baby’s neck must also be adequately supported. With a sling, you can do this by rolling a cloth (burp cloth) in the edge at the neck a few times between the sling fabric. This way, you create a thicker and firmer edge around your baby’s neck.

          For older children, you can provide a carrier that you can also attach to your back. This way, your child has a little more freedom and can look around and discover the world around him.

          Carrying your child with the face forward is not ergonomic. Recently there are three baby carriers where you can let your child look forward responsibly from four months old and for a maximum of short periods of 15 minutes ( Ergobaby and Tula) and from 6-12 months a maximum of 10 minutes at a time ( ByKay ). We do not recommend all other carriers where your child looks forward. If the kid is a bit older and can sit independently, you can carry it on your back and look good.

          Comfort for you as a wearer

          When it comes to comfort for you as a wearer, you can pay attention to several things. How do you attach the carrier? With Velcro? With clips that are easy to adjust? Will your partner or someone else also use the carrier? You may want easily adjustable straps and perhaps wider shoulder straps.

          Is there a bag in//on the carrier? What fabric is the carrier made of, and does that suit how often and where you want to use it? There are carriers with breathable ‘holes’ that are ideal for a sunny holiday.

          If you have a weak back, choose a carrier that distributes your child’s weight nicely and evenly. A broad and sturdy hip belt helps with this because your back then bears less weight.

          A sling is very nice for carrying a small baby, but it can suddenly not be pleasant on holiday because putting on and taking off is a little less practical and because you may be too close together, which can make it too warm.

          So think carefully about where, when, by whom, and how often you want to use the carrier.


          Finally, user-friendliness is also a point to pay attention to. For example, some carriers can be folded to a small size, which can be helpful when traveling.

          Don’t be intimidated by wraps that seem impossible to wrap appropriately. Practice quietly with a good friend who wears, for example, or practice yourself in front of the mirror after watching a button video on YouTube. You can safely practice a few times with a doll or cuddly toy. Know that the first few times can be difficult or get used to, but it goes well after a few times, and you don’t want to go back!

          You can also consider buying a carrier that can be washed in the washing machine, as a baby or toddler has the knack for making everything dirty. Some best baby carrier backpacks for travel can even go in the dryer. If you think that is a significant advantage, pay attention to this when choosing.

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